General Information

1. Mail
Student mail boxes are located in the Main Lounge (second floor, connected to Bissell and Cohen). Delivery usually will be in the early evening. The Hanover Post Office is located on the corner of Main and Lebanon Streets, which is a block into town on the left. There are several mailboxes on campus along Main Street and in the food service buildings.

Letters sent by U.S. mail should be addressed to you at DDW HB 6145 Robinson Hall Room 319, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755 Request that Express mail have the signature requirement waived; otherwise, you will have to go to the post office to pick it up.

Items sent by private delivery service ( UPS, Federal Express, etc.) should be addressed to you at DDW Robinson Hall Room 319, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755. Do not include the HB (Hinman Box) used for US mail. There is no actual street address; all of the delivery services know where it is. This is the main office of the Dartmouth debate team; deliveries will be distributed to student boxes in the residence hall.

2. Telephone
There is a phone in each room. These are IP / internet phones. Long distance is free. Voicemail should be turned off, but if it has not been turned off, tell Ken Strange and inform friends and family that you cannot access voicemail and not to leave messages. Have someone next door to you call your number to make sure it is in working order. The number can be found in the "Room and Phone Listing" handouts. Call home to let your parent(s) know how to reach you; also give them the numbers for Peter Cancro, the residence hall director: room 603-646-7862 and cell 914-382-2775 . Only the last five numbers are needed to dial from on-campus. From off campus, the area code is 603 and the prefix 646. To calls off campus, dial 8 to get an outside line. For long-distance, dial 8-1-area code-number.

3. Meals
Workshop meal cards provide a $300 declining balance ($200 for Senior Assitants). They can be used at Thayer Dining Hall Food Court (11:00 am -3:00 pm and 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm), the Collis Cafe (Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 3:00 pm), and the Novack Cafe in Berry Library (Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 9:00 pm; Friday, 7:30 am - 2:30 pm). Cards cannot be used at Topside, the store upstairs in Thayer. You should monitor your remaining balance, which will show on the register with each purchase. Remaining balances cannot be refunded. If you lose your meal card, report it immediately to the Card Office on the second floor of Thayer; you will need ID. They will give you a new card with the unused remaining balance you have at the time. If the Dartmouth Card Office is closed, find a supervisor on duty in the dining hall and that person will instruct the cashier as to how to handle transactions until you get a new card.

4. Food Delivery
Most places will ask for your phone number: they have most dorm room matched to that number in their computers. The delivery person will call that number from the phone by the front door when the delivery arrives; so be sure to stay at that phone. Tip the delivery person. Tip well! Food orders after 12:30 a.m. are not permitted. The restaurants know this and will not take your orders. Establishments vary in their hours and some have minimum purchases for delivery. Here are the phone numbers of several of the more popular delivery places: Everything But Anchovies (EBA's) 643-6135; Ramunto's 643-9500; Jewel of India 643-2217; India Queen 643-6900; Peking Tokyo 448-3888; Orient 643-8888

5. Laundry
There is a laundry room in the basement of each dorm; washer and dryer each take $1.25 in quarters. You can buy detergent at Top Side in Thayer or at the stores in town. There are dry cleaners on Allen Street and on Lebanon Street in Hanover

6. ATMs/Check Cashing
There is an ATM in the basement of Collis Hall, which is on the corner in front of Thayer Dining Hall. There are ATMs at all of the banks in town. Bank of America and Citizens Bank are the only national/regional banks; most of the ATMs are commercial ones with a fee. Workshop students may cash checks for $100 or less at Bank of America on Main Street (about three blocks into town on the right, just past the Nugget Theater). Inform the bank teller that you are with the Debate Workshop and show ID; they will have a list of Workshop participants.

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7. Recreation
Workshop students may use the gym and Berry Center, except for the weight / exercise room, if they have a pass. Passes are available from Peter Cancro in Cohen 102D; passes must be obtained and returned for each visit. Basketball, racquetball, squash, pools, and other facilities are available. The Workshop basketball and volleyball are also in the Peter's room; be sure to return these items when done playing.

8. Supplies
Most of what you could need for debate is available at the Dartmouth Book Store, College Supply, or CVS Pharmacy on Main Street. For laundry detergent, snack food, etc. there are Top Side at Thayer (your cards do not work there), Eastman Drug, CVS, and several convenience stores. If you need things that are not available in town, let Peter Cancro or Ken Strange know; we can probably get them for you.

9. Workshop Library
The Institute Library is located in Brown 102D. It is open whenever library hours are designated on your schedules; it is not open otherwise.

10. Photocopying
There are copiers in the College libraries, in the Workshop Library (5 cents; available only during library hours), and at Gnomon Copy in town. Gnomon will sell you a self-service card at the cheapest available rate. All briefs produced by the Institute will be copied for you at no charge.

11. Common areas of the residence hall
In the basement of Cohen, there is a lounge and a study room. In the basement of Bissell, there is a study. Use these, as well as the connecting lounge, all you want, but please keep them clean. Do not leave debate work in public areas; it probably will be thrown out.

12. Computers
Workshop students may use the computers in Baker-Berry Library and elsewhere on campus. Students with computers can access the Dartmouth system from their room and elsewhere by Ethernet or wireless. It is also possible to modem in on a dial-up system. Instructions for getting started are available on a public computer at support/library/ On wireless, students will be able to access Dartmouth Public, administered by a local internet service not the College, and to access Dartmouth Library Public from some locations. Students will not be able to access wireless Dartmouth Secure. This will be explained more fully in "Computing Policy" on Thursday, June 25.

13. Computer accounts and e-mail
Your Dartmouth computer and e-mail account is under your full name (see "Blitzmail Account Listings") and your initial password is the last 8 digits of your social security number (or some other number you provided). As soon as possible, personalize your password and list your nicknames. To do this, use the blitzmail program on a public computer or download it to your computer. Start by double-clicking on the blitzmail icon. The sign on box will come up. Enter your listed name and social security number-based password. After clicking "OK" you should be on. In the bar across the top, hold the cursor on "Blitzmail" and select "Edit DND Entry." Enter nickname (for example "Ken"). Click on "Change Password;" enter your social security password and a new personal password, and click on change now. Your e-mail address is firstname.lastname@ You can be addressed at either your full name or nickname. To write others who are on blitzmail, you only need to address the message to their name; no dot in the name or "" is necessary. Your name and password are also used in Greenprint and some remote access to library systems. If you would prefer to use your regular e-mail, go to blitzmail preferences, "auto actions," and you can forward all blitzmail. Everyone accessing blitmail makes communication easier during the Workshop.

14. Refrigerators
Refrigerators may be rented during the Workshop. They will be delivered Thursday afternoon or evening, June 25 and picked up Tuesday, July 14. To rent a refrigerator, you must complete the form in your registration packet and turn the form with the appropriate amount of money in cash to Ken Strange (who will be the Residence Hall Director for the first few days)

15. Outside doors to the Residence Halls (Cohen, Bissell, and Brown) access password is 3877#. The keypad is to the left of the door under the telephone.